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Nordstrom's "#MakeMerry" Campaign: A Masterclass in Holiday Marketing


The holiday season is a crucial period for retailers, with brands competing for the attention of consumers. In 2023, Nordstrom, a luxury department store, stood out with its "#MakeMerry" campaign. This blog post will explore the strategies and elements that made this campaign a resounding success.

The Concept: Simplifying the Holiday Shopping Experience

The essence of the "#MakeMerry" campaign was to alleviate the stress associated with holiday shopping. Nordstrom recognized that while the festive season is filled with joy, it also brings along the pressure of finding the perfect gifts for loved ones.

The Message: "Making Your Holidays Merrier"

Nordstrom's campaign centered around the idea of making the holiday shopping experience enjoyable and stress-free. The message was clear: Nordstrom is here to help you celebrate the season without the usual hassles.

The Strategy: Convenience and Personalization

Holiday Gift Guide

Nordstrom curated a comprehensive holiday gift guide, catering to various preferences and budgets. This guide served as a one-stop solution for shoppers, eliminating the need to browse endlessly.

Curbside Pickup

Understanding the time constraints during the festive season, Nordstrom introduced a curbside pickup service. Shoppers could place their orders online and pick them up without even stepping into the store.

Personal Shopping Assistants

To provide a personalized shopping experience, Nordstrom offered the services of personal shopping assistants. These experts helped customers select gifts, ensuring that each purchase was thoughtful and tailored to the recipient.

The Impact: A Holiday Campaign to Remember

The "#MakeMerry" campaign was well-received by customers. The convenience of curbside pickup, combined with the personalized touch of shopping assistants, made Nordstrom a preferred choice for many during the holidays. The brand successfully transformed the often-stressful task of holiday shopping into a delightful experience.


Nordstrom's "#MakeMerry" campaign serves as a testament to the power of understanding customer needs and delivering tailored solutions. By focusing on convenience and personalization, Nordstrom not only boosted its sales but also strengthened its bond with customers. It's a shining example of how a well-thought-out campaign can resonate deeply with its target audience.


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